Soulver 2.2 for iPhone is now available on the App Store. This update adds iCloud syncing, which is great way to share documents with the Mac (App Store) version of Soulver.

Soulver will continue to support Dropbox syncing (the only way currently to sync with the iPad version of Soulver), however Soulver for iPhone now uses the Dropbox/Apps/Soulver folder in your Dropbox. You can move across files from other locations manually, or let Soulver for iPhone upload the latest versions of the files that it has to this folder.

We've also added some URL schemes for actions like opening Soulver, making new documents with text, or appending text to an existing document. These are handy if you use an app like Launch Center Pro

You can read more about the URL schemes that Soulver supports here.

We’re pleased to announce the release of Soulver 2.4 for Mac, now optimised for the Retina display.

Version 2.4 also features a number of unit related improvements, including the addition of temperature & electricity units. You can now also choose whether the Metric, Imperial or the US measurement system is used for ambiguous units like "cup".

You have been asking us about an update for the iOS versions of Soulver that will include iCloud support. It took longer to build than we expected, but the good news is that it is nearly complete and should be released later this month.

Soulver 2.4 is a free update for all owners of Soulver 2.

We’re happy to announce the release of Soulver 2.3 for Mac.

The most exciting new feature is iCloud syncing support, and the integrated file manager that comes with it in Mac OS 10.8. Note that the iOS versions don't have iCloud syncing yet, as we're still working on that feature. Keep using Dropbox to sync files between the Mac & iOS versions of Soulver in the meantime.

With this update we’re also increasing Soulver's supported currencies to 153, adding 29 new currencies from Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. Thanks to some great localizers, this update also includes new or greatly improved Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French & Dutch localizations.

Comments in Soulver have been improved in this update as well. '@ style' comments look better, you can customise the look of both headings and labels, and there's a new comment style '//'.

Soulver 2.3 is a free update for all registered users of Soulver 2, and users who have purchased through the Mac App Store.