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Soulver 3
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Soulver 2
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Soulver 1
Originally released in June, 2019 May, 2010 May, 2005
Minimum System Required macOS 10.14 Mojave macOS 10.10 Yosemite Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
Price $34.95 $8.99  
Document extension .slvr .soulver .soulver
Integrated Sheets Manager    
Export Formats TXT, CSV, PDF, HTML TXT, CSV, PDF, HTML None
Instant Evaluation
Words alongside Numbers
Quick total
Line references
Unit conversions  
Live currencies 160 Real World & 20 Popular Cryptocurrencies 160 Real World + Bitcoin  
Percentage functions  
Rule of three/proportion functions    
Calendar calculations    
Unix time functions    
Min/max functions    
Stocks Not yet  
Fraction Formatting  
Global Variables
Inline Variables  
Re-declare variables    
Multi-word variables    
Custom Units    
Bases Decimal Decimal, Hex & Binary Decimal
Bitwise Operations    
Notation Styles SI SI or Scientific Scientific
Maximum Precision 15 dp 50 dp 100 dp
Bump/Rearrange lines    
Smart Spaces
MathKey Not yet  
Heading Symbol # @ None
Label symbol : : None
Comment Symbol(s) // // or ; None
Inline Comments Use brackets (123) Use quotation symbols “123” None
Custom Syntax Colors  
Custom Fonts
Variable auto-complete ✓ (hit escape)    
Shift-hover to see variable value    
Number scrubbing    
Line Numbers Not yet
 System Integration  
Dark Mode (on 10.14+)  
iCloud Drive    
Full Screen  
Alfred Integration    
URL Schemes    
Automator Action ✓ (download separately)    
TouchBar Support    
QuickLook in Spotlight    
QuickLook in Finder  
Calculate-anywhere services    
Command Line Tool    
Languages English, German, Russian, Chinese English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese English