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Soulver 3
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Soulver 2
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Soulver 1
Originally released in June, 2019 May, 2010 May, 2005
Minimum System Required macOS 10.14 Mojave macOS 10.10 Yosemite or iOS 9 Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
Available through Website ( Website, Mac & iOS App Stores  
Price $29.95 $8.99 (Mac), $2.99 (iOS)  
Document extension .slvr .soulver .soulver
Sync with iOS Not yet  
Integrated Sheets Manager ✓ (iOS)  
Export Formats TXT, CSV, PDF TXT, CSV, PDF, HTML None
Instant Evaluation
Words alongside Numbers
Quick total
Line references
Unit conversions  
Live currencies 160 Real World & 20 Popular Cryptocurrencies 160 Real World + Bitcoin  
Percentage functions  
Rule of three/proportion functions    
Calendar calculations    
Unix time functions    
Min/max functions    
Stocks Not yet ✓ (Mac only)  
Fraction Formatting  
Global Variables
Inline Variables  
Re-declare variables    
Multi-word variables    
Custom Units    
Bases Decimal Decimal, Hex & Binary Decimal
Bitwise Operations    
Notation Styles SI SI or Scientific Scientific
Maximum Precision 15 dp 50 dp 100 dp
Bump/Rearrange lines    
Smart Spaces
MathKey Not yet  
Heading Symbol # @ None
Label symbol : : None
Comment Symbol(s) // // or ; None
Inline Comments Use brackets (123) Use quotation symbols “123” None
Custom Syntax Colors  
Custom Fonts
Variable auto-complete ✓ (hit escape)    
Shift-hover to see variable value    
Number scrubbing    
Line Numbers Not yet
 System Integration  
Dark Mode (on 10.14+)  
iCloud Drive    
Full Screen  
Alfred Integration    
URL Schemes (iOS only)  
Automator Action ✓ (download separately)    
TouchBar Support    
QuickLook in Spotlight    
QuickLook in Finder  
Calculate-anywhere services    
Command Line Tool    
Languages English English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese English
Math Engine S3 + Math.js S2 S1 + bc