Entire Problems on the Left

Type out your calculation here, the way you would write it on paper.

You can do calculations over multiple lines, and use words alongside your numbers so they make sense.

Instant Answers on the Right

Your answer is calculated instantly as you type. When any part of your problem changes, the answer automatically updates.

It's great for quick calculations.

Words and numbers together

Soulver uniquely lets you use words alongside your numbers so your calculations make sense. And when you show it to someone else, it will make sense to them too.

Smart Editing

Soulver will put spaces around operators to keep things clean and readable, and delete them when necessary too. It also inserts a closing parenthesis automatically, and will highlight them in your document.

Easy Percentages

Problems with percentages are so easy to figure out in Soulver. You just type the problem as you would expect. Soulver supports many different percentage expressions.

Conversions & Units

You can do conversions just by typing what you'd expect. In-fact, Soulver has over 80 units spanning 10 different categories including currencies, distance, time, etc.


Syntax Coloring

Soulver automatically colors words and numbers based on their type. You can also make auto-emboldening section headings using the "@" symbol, and labels using ":". If there's a line or part of your expression you want Soulver to completely ignore, you can use inline quotes " " or a semi colon on the end of a line to make it a pure comment.

Answer Tokens

Drag a previous answer onto your line to create an answer token referring to it. When that line changes, your line will automatically update. You can use answer tokens to make reusable calculations, kind of like spreadsheets.

Handy Statistics

You can see a total of all your lines in the bottom right of the Soulver window. You can select some lines in the answer column, or the text editor, and see a total for just the selection. You can also choose average, standard deviation, and variance.

Functions galore

Soulver has all the standard mathematical functions built-in, so there's no need to go back to your old scientific calculator.

Big Number Support

The Soulver engine supports huge numbers, far beyond the capacity of a one line calculator. It can also display numbers up to 50 dp before going into scientific notation.

Hex and Binary

Soulver is now the ultimate calculation app for programmers. You can do calculations in hex and binary, and use the formatting bar to choose the base of the answer.
You can also see binary and hex conversions for any line using the answer palette.


The Formatting Bar

Soulver's formatting bar is great for quickly changing the way the answer is formatted. You can change the formatting of multiple lines just by selecting them in the text field or answer column.

Powerful Notation

When an answer gets too big, Soulver can display your answer in a notational form. You can choose scientific, or SI notation, which will display 1 billion as 1G for example.

Inline Variables

You can declare a variable inline using the equals sign and giving it a value (ie a = 30). Thereafter, a will have that value.

Quick Reference

Soulver's quick reference is a great way to quickly look up the all the different expressions that Soulver supports.


The Answer Palette

Soulver's formatting bar is great for quickly changing the way the answer is formatted. You can change the formatting of multiple lines just by selecting them in the text field or answer column.



MathKey can be used to override the character a key on your keyboard will insert. For instance, we tend to hit + a lot, yet it's a slow key to type (without a keypad). With MathKey you can put it on a more convenient key.


Variables, Stocks, Currencies, oh my!

Check out the Numbers window for adding global variables, stocks, and checking currency rates. Soulver supports international stocks, as well as indices like gold and oil.


Save when you're done.

You can save your work as a Soulver document or export into a number of formats.

Soulver documents can also be "Quicklooked" from the Finder.